Ventilator Program:
Airway Management provides portable and stationary ventilators designed to meet the needs of any patient in the home environment. Typically, we set up our ventilators in the hospital or skilled nursing facility a few days prior to discharge to help assure optimal ventilator settings. We also provide an extensive in-service program for the nursing staff and primary caregivers who will have day-to-day involvement with the management of the ventilator once the patient is at home. With our 24-hour on-call services, one of our therapists or nurses is only a phone call away.

A/B Monitor Program:

Our Apnea/Bradycardia (A/B)Monitor program includes prompt delivery of the monitor to the hospital as well comprehensive caregiver training regarding use and application of the monitor. Our caregiver training typically includes an overview of CPR as well as extensive troubleshooting techniques. Our therapists and nurses also perform monthly downloads of the monitor using laptop computers. By doing so, we are able to identify the need for additional training and enhance caregiver understanding of the monitor.

BiPAP/CPAP Program:
Airway Management is convinced that through proper education and training, as well as use of the best interfaces (masks, headgear, etc), consistent use can become a reality. This, we believe is the best way to counteract the high incidence of non-compliance with these devices in the home care industry. Unless otherwise specified by the physician, we always refit our patients for the best possible interface to achieve maximum patient comfort. All equipment is delivered and set up by an RRT or RN with expertise in the application of CPAP and BiPAP devices.

Asthma Management Program:
Since our staff has met the stringent criteria of becoming Respiratory Therapy Medicaid Providers under the Florida Medicaid Program, Airway Management is able to provide one of the most in-depth home asthma management programs available in Central Florida.

Children who are enrolled in a non-HMO Medicaid program simply need a physician’s order for respiratory evaluation and visits to become enrolled in our program. Once the prescription is received, we schedule and perform the initial evaluation, establish a plan of care, and discuss the goals of our intervention with the caregivers, patient, and physician. Once we all agree on the plan or care, our clinicians utilize a variety of resources specifically designed to help our patients gain better control over their disease.

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